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Mission Statement:

I have a dream to live life sawing logs. If you’re going to dream, dream big! It’s a dream that has come to be The Woodlands Sawmill.

In said woodlands stand many trees.Plus quite a few that have keeled to the prone position. The degenerate ash borer and mighty winds have exacted a toll. That toll is my supply and I have lots of saws.I have wrangled logs for thirty years and as I write this I still have all extremities. Safety first! Fortunately in the worst case scenario we do have some black willow on the property and I understand it makes a fine prosthesis.

We plant trees every year, usually a hundred at a time. But sometimes a tree dies or otherwise gets in the way. Then it’s time to whack ‘em and stack ‘em, as is was in the beginning.


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The idea is to saw logs for those who like to work with wood. Welcome all craftsmen, artisans, furniture makers, toy makers, cabinetmakers, carvers, restorers, boat builders, bow makers, instrument makers, barn builders, and tree house carpenters – you know who you are!

This is not a production mill. It’s a small-scale custom mill that’s all about using what we have in our own woodlands and what customers bring in. Bring your own logs or reclaimed wood. If it looks like fun, I may help you out.

You’ll be amazed how fast and accurately stuff can be sawed.

I personally like to use white ash to create the Woodlands Rocker, the one that’s strip laminated and has snowshoe lacing. I’ve made several of them. They’re reported to be excellent for nursing or story telling, sometimes both. Or black locust for pool cues. Perfect density and stability.

The mill itself is a brand new state-of-the-art, made in the USA, Wood-Mizer, all electric and razor sharp.

The thin kerf maximizes yield from every log. It’s something to see. My wife says this is the ultimate man toy. I concur.

We’ll keep the website up to date to show what’s going on at the mill and what’s coming. Contact me by e-mail: ef@woodlandssawmill.com.

See you soon.

– Ed

While you’re here…

Please ‘TAKE THE TOUR‘, or look at the MUSIC VIDEOS. The Woodlands features a one mile trail that’s sometimes used for mountain bike exercise, sometimes for logging rituals, and sometimes for taking the heir apparent out for a stroller run. I’ve documented some scenes along the way and around the homestead for the tour. More to come.

Studying for the future

Studying for the future