Rocker Completed

150 feet of lacing and a final coat of varnish – another winter project completed! Perfect for sloth like relaxation.



Rocking chair

Another rocking chair  taking shape. The lacing is the hardest part. That’s for sure.

the kiln greenhouse

 The sawmill kiln re-purposed as a seed starter green house. Pepper seeds in ice cream cones! It’s the latest thing. I keep up.

Pond Hockey

Sustained temps in the teens make for excellent pond hockey…

Rip Sawing!

Today we’re turning left over ceiling planks into baseboard molding. Because, ya know, we can. And we need to. Also, we had time to go to the UofM track and field invitational. The raised bank track in amazing.


Wine Testing

Today’s lesson is measurement of residual sugar in newly fermented wine. We use a method intended for checking glucose levels in urine!…but with a conversion factor…

Tree Stump

The old bass wood stump is starting to reveal its face! We’re thinkin it’s the woodlands protector.


So nice to see the sunshine and hear the fans hum in the kiln just after loading it.

Black Locust

Good Lord here she comes again. What is it this time? Black locust! I’m not keeping up in the sawmill…

Black Cherry

A black cherry log was dragged kicking and screaming into the sawmill this  afternoon. Thank you Sher. It’ll make some nice railings.