Still Zip Lining!

Mid autumn, and we’re still zip lining. Got this down to a science…

Zip Line! – Update 6

I did some maintenance adjustments on the zip line. Fortunately I was able to find a volunteer for testing and validation…

Zip Line! – Update 5

We’ve been beta testing today, and the conclusion is…Success! 

DSCN6466 DSCN6465

Zip Line! – Update 4

The crew is pretty much finished with the launch pad. And it even sorta looks like the concept sketch we made.

Zip Line! – Update 3

Board by board and section by section, we’ve moved the project to the launch pad site. We’re getting there!

Zip Line! – Update 2

Like a well trained drill team, the crew is at work on the back brace for the launch pad.

Zip Line! – Update 1

Good socket wrench teamwork today in the sawmill. The launch pad ladder is coming together.

Zip Line!

And so it begins…a new project. The crew is working in the sawmill today. We’re preparing materials for the woodlands zip line! The locust tree we had to whack because it was falling on the power line will live on as the launch platform.