Update 34 – Log Cabin Project

Log cabin life at the Woodlands now includes Periodic Table lessons…

Update 33 – Log Cabin Project

We’re still trimming out the cabin. The boys have screwed on a box to collect the white board markers. We’re a little tired of stepping on them all the time…

Update 33 – Log Cabin Project

It’s hockey time in the log cabin. And here in the woodlands we play the game with two pucks and wooden ice!

Update 32 – Log Cabin Project

We replaced the homemade white board in the cabin. Kids wore it out. Now we have a huge silver board that is magnetic as well as a marker board. And it’s a lot of fun.

This poor waif has so few toys. Fortunately he found a snake skin to bring into the cabin for play…


Update 31 – Log Cabin project

It’s not winter yet but we’ve got Cabin Fever…(New Holland ‘Cabin Fever’ is released for the season)

Update 30 – Log Cabin Project

He’s decorating the cabin in advance of Halloween. He put store-bought window clings on the door but more important is the original art he’s created on the white board. Ya know, a ghost, a skeleton, a bat, a vampire, a jack-o-lantern… and of course a one-eyed one-horned flying purple people eater.


Update 29 – Log Cabin project

Our youngest work crew member pointed out that we needed a shelf and some books in the cabin for when we’re just hangin’ out in it. So that’s what we did this morning…



Update 28 – Log Cabin project

We decided the cabin needed more luxurious trappings. So, today we’re hanging string hammock chairs and enjoying a break…spring break!

Update 27 – Log Cabin project

and…we’re back! We’re all a year older and we’ve survived another winter. Today we returned to the cabin and we’re using it as a work shop. The crew has decided they’ll need a lemonade stand this summer and we’re all about it!



Update 26 – Log Cabin project

We were thinking about making a custom flag for the cabin but we kinda like this one…