Boat Project Update 37

The sawmill work crew is quickly becoming a sailing crew! Great afternoon on the lake in the SeaKing with these guys.

Boat Project Update 36

First sailing sea trial! Grams and GrampE are taking turns testing the SeaKing under sail. Light winds make for a perfect first outing. It’s a thing of beauty.


Boat Project Update 35

Today the crew is working on helmsmen-ship. We’re cruising on a sea of locust flowers. We’re learning about the tiller, the rudder, and even a little about sculling the SeaKing…

Boat Project Update 34

We’re celebrating today. The boys raised the sail on SeaKing for the first time. It’s a thing of beauty. We’re happy. And that means ice cream cones…


Boat Project Update 33

Today we’re learning about wind vanes and installing one on the mast. We didn’t finalize the angle for the tabs yet because we don’t know how close SeaKing will sail to wind. But we’ll know that pretty soon…


Boat Project Update 31

We’re down to the details, you know…where the devil is. The boys are installing the mast step today.

Boat Project Update 30

Today is mock-up and check fit day for the sailboat components. Lookin’ good. Next – the varnishing job, but these guys are not certified for marine varnish, i.e., not allowed anywhere near it… So, that’ll be mine.


Boat Project Update 29

The Elm for the remaining sailboat parts are dried, planed, epoxy laminated, and clamped. We’ve made some progress during the winter. And, even though it’s still winter, we’ve prepared Black Locust cants for the upcoming top secret summer project – code named: The Dark Tower…


Boat Project Update 28

The old elm tree fought us all the way, but we did manage to quarter saw some clear straight pieces that’ll work for the remaining sailboat parts. The crew worked hard to load the solar kiln. The boards are clamped and the fans are on. All we need now is sunshine…


Boat Project Update 27

The crew worked hard to move the elm logs into the sawmill. The wood doesn’t look much like sailboat parts now, but wait till you see what we make of it.

Oh, and we had lots of time to play on the tundra…