Update 12 – Dock Project

We’re taking time off from boat building while the epoxy cures in the lapstitch joints. So today we’re back on the dock. We reclaimed a swim ladder! The boys have become experts on hand drilling and socket wrenching.

Now we’re ready to dip our toes in the snapping turtle infested water…well at least one of […]

Update 11 – Dock project

I named this game ‘boys cant ride’ but with two weeks of first grade under his belt, the big guy says, “I wouldn’t call it a cant. I’d call it a rectangular prism.” So I guess the game should be called ‘boys rectangular prism ride.’


Oh, and it’s another good afternoon for a game […]

Update 10 – Dock project

We finished the dock decking today. We’re not quite done with the project but we were anxious to start using the dock for its main purpose. And the fish were really biting! These guys are fishin’ machines. And Grammie was really busy…


Update 9 – Dock project

We’re working today but we’re taking time off from the decking job. Today we decided to build a sawmill style bench. The whole dock is being made from one storm-downed black locust tree. And it looks like we have some tree left over. So the bench. I mean why not?

When it came to the […]

Update 8 – Dock project

Construction continued today. It’s a nice quiet morning for working, just the three of us. Unless you count Bertha, our constant observer, the woodlands pond snapper.


Update 7 – Dock project

Today the boys tensioned the suspension cables and started the decking. This is a good team.


Update 6 – Dock project

My father was an ironworker early in his career. He used to talk about the fun he had riding beams up to rivet them in place. I suppose technically this is not the same thing but the boys are definitely having fun as they ride a couple of beams out to the dock site.


Update 5 – Dock Project

Progress has been slow due to vacations and a major repair job on the road into the Woodlands but we’re kickin’ it now thanks to all the help we’re getting!


Update 4 – dock project

It’s rainy with thunderstorms in the mix so we’re doing a little off-site work on the dock today. The boys are using a crow’s foot to attach a heron. It’s all so avian. And it’s all part of the dock.


Update 3 – Dock project

Today we’re not working, we’re practicing. Practicing pumping water out of a hole. Practicing the steps involved in pouring concrete footings for the dock towers. Oh, and we needed to go on a trail ride.