The Woodlands teepee has morphed into an igloo!

Tepee Project Update 3

The braves decided the tepee needed some furniture so we rolled in stumps for a table and chairs. Now we have a place to play ‘Go Fish’…. or we can just go fish!


Tepee Project Update 2

We haul the carefully tailored/gusseted caribou hides out and do a fitting on the poles. Lookin’ good! We need to meet local tribal building code.

Tepee Project Update 1

The tepee progress: Grammie teaches knot tying – today’s lesson, the clove hitch. The crew raises poles and wraps them with rope. It’s a hit already. The boys talk big about sleep-outs…


Woodlands Tepee!

The crew is building a tepee! They worked hard hauling the sapling poles and preparing the site. Then, they took a break to “observe nature.”