Dark Tower Project Update 4

Today we’re working like ancient Egyptians, moving logs into the mill. We’ve accumulated a lot of raw materials, but soon the fun part will begin. Construction!

btw, the ‘Dark Tower’ has been the secret project code name. From now on, it’ll be called by its permanent name…’The White Tail Tower’


Dark Tower Project Update 3

The crew is working hard in the mill. We’re still processing raw materials to build the tower. It’s not easy work, but it’s honest work…

Dark Tower Project Update 2

Today we’re mocking up a stairway in the sawmill, adding a railing and trying it out. We’ll kit the whole tower here before transporting it to its final homeland.

Dark Tower Project Update 1

The Dark Tower project is underway! We’re starting with a stairway. The crew prefers work that uses socket wrenches, so the design favors that…