The Fire Devil chills this morning

Log Sculpture – Update 6

The Woodlands stacked log sculpture is complete! We capped off the Fire Devil’s spiky mane with more dead stumps. And here’s the original art that inspired it – Henry’s sketch from a few years ago.

Log Sculpture – Update 5

The woodlands log sculpture continues. We’re starting to use dead locust tree stumps for the Fire Devil’s spiked mane. Yes, we’re putting details in the Devil…

Log Sculpture – Update 4

We’ve reached the step ladder phase. One eyebrow is in place…

Log Sculpture – Update 3

It’s exhausting work after kayaking on a hot day, but we’re making progress.

Log Sculpture – Update 2

The boys added an eye today! It wasn’t easy. But, you wouldn’t expect it to be, I guess.

Log Sculpture – Update 1

The crew worked hard today on the stacked log sculpture. We’re starting to see the charred face of the Fire Devil emerging. It’s based on a young Henry sketch we saved…

Log Sculpture

Today we’re starting one of our summer projects – The Woodlands Log Sculpture!