Music Videos

There were other distractions delaying the start of the Woodlands Sawmill. We found it necessary to build another out building, one to house all the stuff displaced by new equipment inside the sawmill, including the old pickup truck. And then I decided the new building should have a Black Locust floor. That idea accelerated when two such trees fell on our house during forty mile-per-hour 4am winds. tree-garage-intersectionWe woke up standing…

But none of this is as fun as the music videos that have been produced at the Woodlands! What next? An innovative young filmmaker Erin Cosens has used our locale twice so far. The first for the group Word Play and the second for the group Hard Lessons. Check them out. As director she has kindly authorized them to be linked. I’m pretty sure this is a first for a sawmill site. Ms. Cosens is a creative and tireless filmmaker and has risked poison ivy in the name of art. Thank you Erin! Action!

For those more interested in actually sawing wood, come on down.

The Word Play – “Three” (Directed by Erin Cosens)

The Hard Lessons – “See You Again” (Directed by Erin Cosens)