Friends of the Sawmill Projects

A new page for Woodlands Sawmill friends to show off their projects!

So, Dear Friends, what happened to the wood? Please send some pics!

First, a contender for the oddest use of a Woodlands Sawmill product is Cole Lake Service. Elm hammerheads! They’re used to discipline posts and turn them into lakeside docks.

And now for something completely different…

The machine shown is a “Bull Dog” air compressor. Originally manufactured by Kellogg Mfg. Co. of Rochester, N.Y. in the early 1920’s, it sold for $168 new. It features a half horsepower electric motor and a 32-gallon tank. It was meticulously restored recently and put back in use. This is the work of Tim Schafer, a master craftsman of such things and long time friend of the Woodlands Sawmill.

What’s an antique air compressor have to do with the Woodlands Sawmill? One small dead white ash log was milled into the skids that make the compressor portable.

Tim, it’s an impressive addition to your collection! But… please do more projects that require more wood!

A while back Tim Schafer and Clay Raybourn hauled in a black cherry limb to the mill and together we sawed it for future use.

At last the future has arrived! Clay’s father-in-law Paul Sherman – aka Sherm made a first dip into the stack and crafted a fine stool and never looked back. Check out all the great pieces he’s made so far. Nicely done Sherm, and thanks for sharing!

Beautician’s cabinet

Cherry Armoir

bedside drawer table

Tim Schafer is makin’ us all look bad with the quality of his work. The new studio he’s building is an amalgamation of visual arts and precision machining.

Fortunately for the Woodlands Sawmill, Tim’s design called for tensioning beams in the open-ceiling section. So, we’re a part of it! Check out the white ash beams sawed here!

And check out the “library” ladder to the loft. Tim created this from a nearby dead ash tree to live on as a special feature of the studio.

Jim Johnson trucked in big oak stump and we sliced it up crosswise at the mill for no known purpose at the time. But then…the slices became wedding cookies at his daughter’s wedding. This is a term I’ve come to know. They are the platters used to present desserts. They look great Jim! The desserts too… Thanks for sharing.




Long time wood working pro Mark Krecic has been turning bowls from a variety of species sawed at the mill. Excellent work Mark and keep the pics coming – I know you have lots to show.

bowl-collage-1 bowl-collage-2

A new contender for the oddest use of a sawmill (by)product is Matt Seeger. He’s become expert at growing mushrooms using the sawmill’s sawdust! Great job Matt but be careful…